Hear Samples of Funny Voices for Garmin GPS Units

These voices for Garmin GPS systems are really premium voices.

They are the original voice not a voice by an imitator. You can hear the difference so we have provided samples of the voices listed below. All you need to do is just click on the “Hear Voice” and you will be linked directly to that voice’s page where you will be able to hear up to three samples of dialogue.

One very cool aspect of these Garmin voices is that you can randomize the voice so you don't hear the same dialogue twice. You and your passengers will be entertained along the way by the random comments and directions given by your selected voice. These premium branded Garmin voices are the genuine article.Some voices include music and other background effects making them all the more interesting.

These Garmin GPS voices are easy to install on your Garmin GPS. In just a few minutes you'll be hearing your favorite voice giving you directions to your next destination.

Yoda Premium GPS Voice (Garmin)$12.99
Hear Yoda's Voice

Darth Vader Premium GPS Voice (Garmin)$12.99
Hear Darth Vaders‘s Voice

Kitt Premium GPS Voice (Garmin)$12.99
Hear Kitt's Voice

Yoda Premium GPS Voice (Garmin)$12.99
Hear Mr. T's Voice

Sponge Bob Premium GPS Voice (Garmin)$12.99
Hear Sponge Bob's Voice

Dora Premium GPS Voice (Garmin)$12.99
Hear Dora the Exlporer's Voice

David Hasselhoff Premium GPS Voice (Garmin)$12.99
Hear David Hasselhoff ‘s Voice

Flavor Flav Premium GPS Voice (Garmin)$12.99
Hear Flavor Flav‘s Voice

Gary Busey Premium GPS Voice (Garmin)$12.99
Hear Gary Busey‘s Voice

Daria Premium GPS Voice (Garmin)$12.99
Hear Daria‘s Voice

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