The World Nav 7200, a truck GPS
has all of Teletype's features

World Nav 7200

The truck GPS, World Nav 7200 has many desirable features.

As a GPS for truckers or a GPS for RV, it's a full featured Teletype GPS. The World Nav 7200 has a large 7" color touch screen and is pre-loaded with Navteq maps of North America. The maps are easily updated as they come loaded on an SD card thus, to update you just replace the SD card, no computer is necessary. It has a straight forward menu to access its' many features. Text to Speech is included, enabling the unit to speak the name of the street on which to turn in addition to when and what direction to turn. The commercial driver can rely on the routing as the World Nav 7200 takes into account commercial truck restrictions such as bridge heights and clearances, load limits, one-way road designations, left-hand and dangerous turn restrictions and allowances. Restricted roads will be shown in pink on the map. You can enter your load specifications that the unit will take into consideration when your route is created. You can even enter Hazmat information as the unit has 9 levels of Hazmat routing.

To create a route you can select one of the 12 million Points of Interest, enter your destination address or select a previous address. You can also customize your route by instructing the unit to avoid tolls, etc. or select the shortest distance. You can add an unlimited number of your own waypoints.

This truck GPS system has many other features for an "over the road" driver. Bluetooth technology is included allowing the user to make "hands free" cell phone calls with their bluetooth compatible cell phone. In addition, it has a FM transmitter which enables the unit to broadcast it's sound over the truck FM radio. Also included is a MP3 player and video player for those relaxing times. When you have to fill out your log the 7200 will help with a detail of the trip. A great safety feature is the automatic reverse camera detection which allows you to see the camera video immediately upon putting the vehicle into reverse. (Camera sold separately, Mfr. Part Number: 2600). The truck GPS device includes a 1 year limited warranty against defects in hardware manufacturing. Accessories and SD card are warranted for 90 days (SD cards can be backed up on your PC). Program upgrades are free for 90 days, map upgrades are subject to charge. To get details on Bluetooth and the FM transmitter check out the 7200 Hardware Manual.

Specifications - WorldNav 7200 Truck GPs

Unit Dimensions: 7.87"H x 4.33"W x 0.98"D
Display Size: 7.0 inches
Display Type: TFT color touchscreen
Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
Data Card: SD

What's in the Box:

WorldNav Truck GPS unit
Quick guide
User's manual
Suction cup mount
Dashmount adapter
Vehicle power adapter

Owner Reviews


7200 truck GPS
By Conrad Carmen "C. Carmen", April 26, 2009

I got this unit to drive my semi. Routing is excellent around Chicago and Indianapolis. I have this GPS for several month now. I love big screen. I used to play with Garmin and I could not see much.

I do not use this GPS for movies or for reading books. I think my DVD player in the truck probably better.

For routing I would strongly recommend. Big screen for a person of my age is must.I have now couple of friends that purchased the unit from Pilot and are very happy.

By Living The Dream "Stitchintime", April 9, 2009

We thought we'd done our research, and chose to believe the positive reviews (about 50%) Big mistake. The graphics are primitive and dark, it's difficult to leave the map, do some searching and return to the map without potentially losing your route. Some common sense locations are missing or almost impossible to find: i.e., "Rest Areas"!!! The find features are cumbersome and it's difficult to guess what clues they want in order to provide the information you need. We chose to keep rather than pay a 15% restocking fee, even though we knew immediately out of the box that this was way overpriced and over stated. Our disappointment is huge, and if we could give a rating of less than one star we would. We ran it at the same time to compare with our other GPS (TomTom - also NOT recommended) and between the two, TomTom is better. The customer service people are pleasant and try, but even though we called immediately upon receipt trying to ship it right back, they wouldn't wave the restocking fee. We should have just paid it and taken the $90 hit. It would have been cheaper than keeping what I consider an inferior and highly overpriced product.

But neither can even be spoken of in the same breath as our new Garmin 255W. Heads and shoulders above both. For bridge heights/trucking compatibility - wait for the Garmin 465T due out the second quarter of 2009. We will buy as soon as available for RV'g, and sell the WorldNav on ebay.

Truck GPS
By Bzipper, February 19, 2009

The Worldnav Teletype 7200 series is a great idea. It is way over stated by the manufacturer. If you haul hazmat or over sized loads, this unit "may" be of benefit. Otherwise, go with a better known more feature packed unit like the Garmin or high end Magellan's. The address search is very cumbersome, the built in auto select feature is way out of wack. Usually not even in the same state.

It does have a totally useless USB interface. I have not been able to find a single ability in the unit that uses the USB. You are locked into using the old slow low capacity SD's. They require you to use their proprietary cards and you're ability to add music, ebooks or movies is very limited. The way it is set up, you pretty much have to have several low capacity cards and you have to change them whenever you want to switch from GPS modes to the entertainment modes.

To be brutally honest, with exception to the larger screen, this unit doesn't even begin to compare with a DUAL stereo/gps unit I bought at Walmart for under [.........]. You should save your money until these guys get a clue about what technology is actually about.

Radio Shack
World Nav 7200 Truck GPS

By joselito, 3/25/2009

Pros: Extensive Base Map, Intuitive Menu, Large Screen, One Hand Control, Quick Signal
Cons: Buggy Software, Loses Signal, Short Battery Life

is not bery accurate on low bridge check on US-7 in the STATE of VT.

By iytzi, 3/6/2009

Cons: Loses Signal, Not Accurate, Unreliable, Buggy Software

World Nav 7200 Truck GPS
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