Have some fun with a new TomTom GPS Voices

TomTom GPS voices downloads with installation instructions are available. TomTom voices that are rude, funny or just new, are available.

Tired of hearing the same old voice on your TomTom GPS? New TomTom Voices can really add some enjoyment to your next trip. Voices for TomTom GPS units are the most available and offer the widest range of choices to customize your TomTom GPS device.

TomTom’s portable navigation devices offer 70 preloaded voices in 36 languages, and now drivers can have Kim Cattrall navigate them to any location, including specific points of interest. Cattrall’s voice is available for download immediately for $12.95 and €9.95."

New TomTom GPS voices, rather than a non-descript male or female telling you to "turn right", will add a little entertainment to your daily commute. How about Witch Waytogo's voice guiding your way? Or you can have Burt Reynolds give you directions as only he can. You can choose GPS voices from a celebrity, a dialect or funny voice. Prices for these custom TomTom GPS voices range from $4.97 to $12.99, and in some cases you can get free TomTom voices.

As some TomTom GPS voices are better than others, you can listen to samples to help you decide which is right for you. However, you should be aware that not all the voices are Text to Speech compatible. Many of the voices will only announce things like turns, etc.

Now you can get a custom voice for your TomTom GPS that uses your name in the commands. To find out more about this new feature just click Here

Now for the fun. The following is a list of voice sites for TomTom downloads. Enjoy.

1.NEW!! Hear Voices by the actual character 100% Authentic.By Spotitout

2.Click here to visit Satvoices.

3.Personalized Voices for you TomTom using your name

4. Free Voices for TomTom

5. Comic Voices for your TomTom


7. Voices for TomTom

8.1-Voice Celebrity Voice Download Card for TomTom GPS (50% OFF!!!)

9. NavtonesGPS Voices

10. If you have a little computer knowledge you can create your own voice files go to Make your own voices for your TomTom .

To install your voices follow these easy directions:
1. Download the voice to your desktop. (note the name of the download so you can find it)
2. Right click on the file and extract it to (name of your voice or name of your choice)
3. This makes a file on your desktop with the name you assigned.
4. Click on that folder and open it. You will see three files. They are (*.vif) which is the index file; (*.chk) which is the data file; and (*bmp) which is the image file.
5. Check the number of the file. In order for TomTom to recognize your voice, it must be properly named in the format “data[number].chk”. Official GPS voices released by TomTom have a unique file number, for example data04.chk is Tim UK, and data15.chk is Eva - Nederland’s. As far as I am aware, you cannot change this, however data61.chk to data99.chk (TomTom 5) and data71.chk to data99.chk (Pre TomTom 5), are recognized as ‘Special Voices’ by TomTom. I would always recommend using the special range instead of overwriting the official ones to avoid confusion.
6. You will need to copy the voice to your computer. Connect your TomTom to your PC. Turn your TomTom on. Go to MyComputer and you should see the TomTom listed as one of the available devices.
7. Click on it to open the files where your data is stored (either the SD card or hard drive) find the Voices folder. Copy all of the files for your new voice to the voices folder ie.(data73.bmp, data73.chk, data73.vif.) Your new voice in now available on your TomTom GPS.
7. Turn your TomTom GPS off and disconnect your TomTom GPS from the computer.
8. Turn your TomTom GPS on and go to "Change Preferences" then "Change Voices" and select your new voice. Your new TomTom GPS voices will now be displayed and should be operational.

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