How wide is wide? Magellan GPS says 4.7"

Magellan Roadmate 1470

Totally redesigned, the Magellan GPS Roadmate 1470 has a new 4.7" color, touch screen.

With "Auto night view" it adjusts your screen's color and contrast for easy night viewing.Preloaded maps of North America and Puerto Rico give you information and directions as you travel. Text to speech is also standard with this unit enabling the 1470 to tell you the name of the street on which to turn in addition to which direction to turn and when to do so.

There are several options when creating routes with the Magellan GPS 1470. You may touch your desired destination on the screen displayed map and route directly to it. Using QuickSpell® with SmartCity search, narrows your address and city searches, by anticipating your entry and completing it for you, making destination entry easy.

Or use OneTouch™ favorites menu affords instant access to your personalized bookmarks of favorite places and searches anywhere you travel. With a single touch, find your favorite café or restaurant when you're traveling within any city.

You may also customize your routes.

With the Customizable route method, you can select the shortest distance, fastest time, most use of freeways, or least use of freeways to create a route that fits your needs. If you make deliveries or make sales calls, you'll appreciate the "Multi-destination routing" feature. With route optimization you plan your trip with multiple stops in the order you want or optimize a trip for the most efficient route, saving you time and money.

When you are on your way, life is made easier with "Highway lane assist signs" that show highway signs to point you in the right direction when approaching interchanges and exits. This ensures that you'll choose the correct lane well before your next turn. If you do miss your turn or make a wrong turn "Automatic re-route" gets you quickly back on track.

Millions of points of interest (POIs) are preloaded in the Magellan GPS 1470 and help you easily find gas stations, restaurants, ATMs, coffee shops, and much more. You can elect to search by "Highway exit POIs" which shows you gas stations, restaurants, hotels, and more near upcoming highway exits. Or you can search by "Branded POIs" which displays your favorite coffee shops, restaurants, and more by their respective logos making them easier to find. If this isn't enough, you'll have AAA TourBook® at your fingertips to provide ratings and descriptions on AAA approved places to stay, play, dine, and save. If you have a AAA membership you can avail yourself of AAA savings and AAA Member Roadside Assistance™ which gets you help fast with a toll-free member service number to assist you in finding a AAA approved tow truck or repair shop. The menu also shows your exact GPS location so you can provide precise information to your location for roadside assistance. Click HERE to learn more about AAA membership.

The Magellan GPS 1470 is compatible with Magellan Traffic Link which provides live, onscreen traffic notification updates. You will have to purchase the receiver and subscription to the service separately as it is not included with the purchase price. Click HERE to determine if Traffic Link serves your area. A rechargeable Lithium Ion battery is included with the Magellan GPS and gives you the freedom to drive wireless or plan your trip when your vehicle's engine is turned off. As some states have laws regarding the placement of the GPS, a dash disc is provided which allows you to use the suction cup windshield mount on your dash. Be advised that if you affix the disc to your dash you probably won't be able to remove it as those things really stick. As this is a new item from Magellan, we haven't had a lot of reviews. As we get more reviews we will add them to the list. If you have any questions or comments please CONTACT US.

Specifications - Magellan GPS Roadmate 1470

Introduced: April 2009
Unit Dimensions: 3.3" H x 5.2" W x 0.7" D (8.45cm H x 13.2cm W x 1.8cm D)
Display Size: 4.7-inch
Display Resolution: 480 x 272-pixels
Display Type: WQVGA, full-color, anti-glare touch-screen display
Weight: 10.0 oz (2b3 gm)
Battery Type: Rechargeable lithium-ion
Battery Life: up to 3 hours
Waterproof: no

What's in the Box:

Magellan GPS RoadMate 1470 receiver
Pre-loaded maps of United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico
Windshield mount
Adhesive disc for dash mounting
Vehicle power adapter
USB cable
User handbook
User manual on CD-ROM

Note: The state of Minnesota prohibits the installation of portable GPS units on the windshield of your vehicle.

Magellan GPs Roadmate 1470 Reviews by Owners


By DrakIII, May 11, 2009

I have owned a Magellan GPS for the last 20 years, either handheld or auto. For a basic unit w/o all the bells and whistles, which everyone wants these days, it is outstanding.The 3-D screen is great, trip planning a dream, accuracy cann't be beat.Re-routing is a little slow, but adequate for my needs, I'm retired and travel alot. The bigger screen is really nice, sharp and clear, don't care for the nite screen colors, but it's easy to see, just a personal preference.

All menus are easy to use and adding a new POI, Way Point or Address is alot simpler than in the old unit.I haven't used the AAA, because I don't belong to it. Satellite acquisition is slow on start up, taking up to a minute to acquire enough satellites to operate even after you have initialized it.

I have taken a couple of trips with the unit, one just 150 miles and the other over 500 miles, it is great in the country or city, easy to find whatever you need, which is very important if you haven't been to this locale before.

Over-all this is a great unit, I'm very satisfied with it.

By Marcia, May 5, 2009

The mapping information contained in this GPS is incorrect. Street and road names are incorrect in many instantances. I'd hate to take a long road trip and depend on this product. Magellan states there is nothing to fix until the maps are updated. My street address is incorrect and has not had a name change for ten years or more, thus how long does it take a map to be updated. Some of the street names in my small home town are incorrect when the street has never had another name. Certainly does not appear to be a reliable source to depend on when traveling.

Magellan GPS Roadmate 1470

By Nicholas J. Tovell, May 5, 2009

the 1470 works well for me but the traffic mate and Magellan support have been really bad. The traffic mate works very intermittently and is basically useless in Dallas and the support is as bad as their reputation. Glad I didn't have to pay for the traffic mate.

By R. Greenhouse, May 2, 2009

I don't think I have heard anyone mention this but here goes. With all of the 4 Magellan GPS I have had and my most resent is the 4250 Maestro, I have been frustrated and have even called tech and sent emails about the fact that each of these units that I have owned has not allowed me to either update the POI they added or enter the POI I see right in front of me that they did not add.

They (all GPS makers) need to get out of the point of interest business if they aren't going to at least use the yellow pages. I don't want them sending me to a place miles away when I am at one much closer that they did not add and do not allow me to add it!

Best Buy - Magellan GPS Roadmate 1470

By Yayalolo, 05/03/2009

I have been using this unit for a week now, and I have to say is the best GPS unit I have ever used.

First and foremost, the screen size is huge and is makes navigation very easy. Also, I really enjoy the fact that comes with the AAA Guide Preloaded. i recently took a trip to a nearby city and I used the guide to decide on my dinning choices, it was just great. But the best part is the routing feature in which you can see 4 different route options before you decide on one. The unit is ultraslim, almost half of a Garmin Nuvi unit.

Im very happy with this unit, I have been a Garmin user and I will never go back, I really apreciate the screen size, the AAA guide and all the extra features.

Magellan GPS

By runman, 04/20/2009

I traded in my Magellan 4370 that could not longer find satellites and finally froze up after two weeks of use. I put the 1470 GPS in the truck and like all Magellan products that work, the GPS was up and running in a few minutes. Drove a couple of miles, pulled into a parking lot, and removed the power cord from the GPS, and half of the USB power cord stayed in the GPS. Two higher end Magellan products both broke. Traffic link, a free service with this gps requires a 79.99 cable that you have to purchase separately.

The software in the GPS works very well and is user friendly, and the screen is easy to see though not as detailed as the 4370 that I had that just broke too. The lane assist only is correct half the time.

I have to say that after nearly 1000 miles of in city driving doing 6 to 12 delivers per day, these Magellan GPSs do not stand up to the test that professional business people need. Back to Garmin I go.

Owner Ratings - Magellan GPS Roadmate 1470


38 Reviews
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GPS Magazine: 77 votes: 3.5 out of a possible 5

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