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Download GPS voices for your GPS system. Check TomTom voices and Garmin voices.

There are celebrity voices, rude voices, funny voices all for voice downloads to your GPS. Having to listen to generic, mechanical voices that come preloaded on your GPS device is a thing of the past. Custom voices for your GPS are the most popular of portable GPS accessories. You can select a voice for your GPS from a variety of categories including comedy, sexy, celebrity, cool, rude and seasonal.

Down-loadable voices are currently available for Garmin GPS units and TomTom GPS units.

Prices for these funny, sometimes naughty, down-loadable voices generally range from $4.97 to $12.97 and are available from a variety of sources, including the manufacturers. There are also many web sites offering down-loadable voices for free.

Custom voices were created to make your driving experience less stressful and more enjoyable. Imagine your kids not asking "Are we there yet?" Trips with a Pirate voice giving directions could be just the solution. For the more mature audiences, there are many Garmin and TomTom voices such as Bad Santa that may bring some cheer during the holidays while you are navigating from store to store for that perfect gift.

Downloading and installing them on your GPS is very easy and anyone should be able to do it. Simply follow the instructions and you will have a new voice in no time. The following pages will take you to downloads for both free and "pay for" voices. Download and installation instructions are also be shown.

NEW NEW NEW Now there is a custom voice site that will create voices for your GPS and use your own name in the commands. You could hear "Jack turn left in 300 feet" Or "nice going Jack you just made a wrong turn" to find out more click HERE.

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