Save money and still have
a great GPS dog tracking system

RoamEO PuPpod

The GPS dog tracking system, RoamEO PuPpod could save you money. This pet tracking GPS collar has no activation or other fees. This pet locator has long range and may be for you. Want to save $100 and still have a quality pet locator system?

The RoamEO PuPpod is a compact, self contained system that can track up to two dogs at once and has a range up to 3 miles and there are no activation fees and no monthly fees.

By eliminating a few bells and whistles found on the RoamEO Classic, the new RoamEO PuPpod will track your lost dog and help bring him back home. The receiver (4.3"x5.7"x1.3") has a daylight viewable gray scale screen and is a WAAS-enabled GPS receiver and weighs only 6oz. The RoamEO Pup GPS Dog Tracking System is a pointing unit. What this means is that instead of showing the dogs moving around in real time, it points to a quadrant - Front, back, left, right, front/left, front/right, rear/left, and rear/right. Showing you the direction and distance you need to walk in order to meet up with your pet.

Unlike other GPS clunky tracking systems, the new, improved collar now has an integrated GPS unit which automatically turns on when you snap the collar on your dog and turns off when you take it off.

There are two ranges available. You can have a 1.5 mile collar or a 3 mile collar. The 3 mile collar is ONLY available online. The collars come in two sizes: The RoamEO PuPpack GPS dog collars come in size Small/Medium 12.5" to 19" and size Large/Xlarge 20" to 28".

Battery life is 18 to 30 hours depending on use. The charging time is approximately 2 hours. The batteries are now removable, proprietary batteries that the user can easily pop in and pop out and put on the new charging unit. Now you can have additional batteries that you can keep fresh on a charger at all times.

Considering the low MSRP and its' extended range, the RoamEO Pup GPS dog tracking system looks like a very viable device.

RoamEO PuPpod GPS Dog Tracking System


Dimensions RoamEO Receiver: 4.3"W x 5.7"H x 1.3"D (110 mm W x 145 mm H x 33 mm D)
Dimensions RoamEO Collar Case: 2.3"W x 0.98"H x 1.3"D (58 mm W x 25 mm H x 33 mm D)
RoamEO Pup receiver weight: 6 oz
RoamEO Pup collar weight (Case and band): 6 oz
Battery Type: RoamEO receiver and collar: Lithium Ion battery pack, 1 800 mAH, 4.2V
Battery Life: 18 to 30 hours depending on use
Waterproof: Weather Resistant

What's in the Box:

RoamEO Pup LCD display
One GPS dog Collar (12-19" Collar Small or 20-27" Collar Large)
Rechargeable battery and charger for the LCD display and GPS dog collar

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