Download, install and Modify Garmin Voices

Garmin voices ready for Gramin download are numorous. There are voices for Garmin GPS units that are funny voices, celebrity voices, comic voices,rude voices and more.

There is currently a limited choice of custom GPS voices for your GPS device available for a free download from Garmin. Garmin Garage allows you to choose the GPS voices of Elfred the Elf, Yeti, Squirrely or Dr. Nightmare to replace the preloaded voices on your Garmin GPS. Compatible units for these 4 voices include:

nüvifone G60
nüvi® 200-series
nüvi® 500-series
nüvi® 700-series
nüvi® 800-series
nüvi® 1200-series
nüvi® 1300-series
nüvi® 1400-series
nüvi® 1600-series
nüvi® 5000

However,voices for Garmin GPS devices" can be found on several sites on the web that offer Garmin voices ranging in price from $4.97 to $12.99. There are even sites and blogs that allow you to download free Garmin voices.You can even find funny voices for Garmin GPS units from the UK. Some of which are really pretty funny.

If you want family friendly Garmin GPS voice, there are several that can be purchased including Yoda and The Transformer. For the more explicit, you can choose GPS voices from a sultry navigation voice to a cussin' redneck giving you directions.

New voice software allows you to randomize the voice comments so you won't hear the same thing all the time. The newer voices have background sound effects and music.

It is strongly recommended that you use Webupdater to update your Garmin GPS prior to loading any new voices. After that most voices are very easy to install and you don't have to be a "nerd" to be able to do it. Webupdater for PC Including Vista or Webupdater for Mac. Many of these GPS Voices do not support Text to Speech. They do work with the 60 preloaded phrases on your GPS. Check to make sure your model is supported before you buy. Here are some good sites to download Garmin voices:

Now you can get a custom voice for your Garmin that uses your name in the commands. To find out more about this new feature just click Here

1. NEWThese Voices for Garmin GPS System has premium voices by the actual character. You can even randomize their comments so you don't hear the same thing over and over. Check it out

2.Click here to visit Satvoices.

3.Pigtones Comic Voices

4. Voice for Garmin

5.Funny Voices

6.Personalized Voices for your Garmin using your name.

7.Navtones GPS Voices

If you are computer savvy, you may want to give this software a try amd get free Garmin voices. Use this software at your own risk. Back up your files first. 1- Copy the original VPM file to your computer. Let's say English_American_Jill.vpm. Just copy the file to your computer.
2- Using TTSVoiceEditor V2.70 to open that file you save on your computer.
3- Modify the phrases as per instructions. Change also the voice screen name (see instructions) to a new name (for example, "Sexy Jill" without the quotes)
4- Save the modified file as (for example) English_American_Jill2.vpm
5- Copy that file in the same directory as you found the original Jill.
6- After disconnecting the USB cable (and rebooting), go in Languages and select the new voice. You should see "Sexy Jill".

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