DogTracs is a light weight assisted GPS dog location system

DogTracs GPS Dog Tracking System

DogTracs is a light weight assisted GPS dog location system that attaches to your dog’s collar.

Assisted GPS uses both GPS and cell phone technology to ascertain the position of your dog. This GPS dog tracking system is designed for dogs 12lbs or larger and will notify you when your pet leaves the predetermined geofence area.

Although not waterproof this GPS dog locator is water resistant and designed to work under normal conditions. If your dog is prone to jump into lakes, pond, etc. this is not the device for you as it is not designed to be submerged in water.

The DogTracs TM dog tracking system uses a rechargeable lithium polymer battery with an expected life of 5 to 6 day depending on the number of alerts. It’s compact size (: 2.85 x 1.65 x .75 inches) allows it to fit most dog collars.

Alerts are sent via email, text messaging or the Web Based Control Center. You can access your dog’s current location by simply going to the Control Center online or simply requesting a location report. Because this GPS dog collar uses assisted GPS it is dependent on the coverage of the cell phone carrier. Click coverage map see the current coverage area of the service.

Geofences are easily set-up after accessing your customer account on the GPS dog tracking system Control Center. Just type in the address of where you want your geofence, pick a geofence shape, and use your mouse to drag the geofence over the area that you want covered. You can set up to three different geofences. Anytime your dog leaves that area you will be notified.

A unique feature of DogTracks is setting up a convenience geofence. A convenience geofence is a temporary virtual perimeter that can be used when you travel with your dog outside of the 3 defined geofences set-up on the DogTracsTM Control Center. The size of the convenience geofence is defined by you during system set-up on the Control Center (as an example, a circle with a diameter of 500 yards). The convenience geofence is activated by depressing the mode button on the GPS dog locator device and selecting the convenience geofence mode. The DogTracsTM device automatically determines its position and creates a circular geofence with a diameter the size assigned by you using the determined position as the center-point of the geofence.

This GPS dog tracking device can be placed in walk/stand-by mode by simply depressing the mode button on the device, or sending an email or SMS text message command to the DogTracs Control Center. While in walk /stand-by mode, the GPS dog collar does not determine geographic location (thus allowing you to take your dog outside of your geofence without triggering an alarm).



Size: 2.85 x 1.65 x .75 inches
Weight: 2 ounces
Waterproof: water resistant, not waterproof
Battery type: rechargeable lithium polymer battery
Battery life: up to 5-6 days between charges (in walk/stand-by mode and depending upon the number of alert events)
Dog size: For all breeds of dogs larger than 12 pounds

What's in the Box:

DogTracs unit

Owner Reviews

By Megazled, June 1, 2009

I used DogTracs to find my dog Molly one week after purchase. It was worth every penny and more as I found Molly visiting the neighbor's front yard about two blocks from my house in the span of about five minutes. Great product!

By Anonymous Reviewer, May 27, 2009

On January 17th it was the coldest day of the year in NY, 5 degrees. Our two labs got out and my family and i were away. We got the alert. Our dogs were found a few hours later because they had gotten onto a beach. The staff and expertise of DogTracs and their device worked. When our dogs were found one of them had gone swimming and had hypothermia. If they were not found when they were the outcome wouldn't have been a happy one.

By Kate, March 19, 2009

They are still improving it but it's great. I have a little problem with my cell phone it's not 100 percent perfect, check the map for your coverage. GREAT people running it and they are very helpful. Also, you have to keep up on charging the takes an hour, they remind you by email when they need charging, but they do not yet email you to remind you to put it back on the dog. One guy said he just charges his every day.

By Horsedoc, November 21, 2008

It was easy to set up and activate and I inputted the commands from my Blackberry (text messages). If I had been at home and online, I could have used the satellite map feature. Definitely a good purchase (my husband wants one to find his misplaced keys :) )"

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